Snowmobile Trail Conditions for Friday, March 14, 2014

I headed out for a ride to see how the trails are hitting some St. Germain, Eagle River, Sayner and Lake Tomahawk trails. St. Germain groomed last night. Overall I’m giving the trails a fair rating. There are some good to even very good stretches but then there’s some poor and just plain bad areas. I did my best to stay away from town trails and certain areas that typically melt first – those areas will be poor at best. Of the trails I rode, the plowed road ones were the worst. There’s lots of bare pavement showing and what base is left is solid ice – no loose snow for the slides or cooling. Trails are a mixed bag – you can be on a stretch that’s all white and nice then find several corners bare on the inside. Other areas are very icy with little snow on them and bare spots on corners and hills. Some trails are still holding and are in good shape. Overall I found smooth trails with some small bumps on the Lake Tomahawk trails but not enough to complain about.

Temps are suppose to be close to 40 today which will melt some more but also loosen some snow up – better for the slides and cooling. Saturday and Sunday are suppose to be around 20 so trails will refreeze solid again for the weekend.

If you pick your routes carefully you can still find some decent riding. However, it’s late season riding which means you’ll have to ride some bad (you will find bare spots) to get to the good.

Note: The barrels on Little St. Germain lake have been taken down. I’m not sure about other lakes but if you don’t know a lake and it’s not marked, best to take a different route.

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