12-15-12 Trail Conditions

We’re trying to stay optimistic but mother nature sure isn’t making it easy. The past couple days have had highs in the mid 30′s. There’s less than an inch of snow left on the ground. Right now it’s 34 degrees with light rain and a few snow flakes falling. Unfortunately, it’s just too warm for this storm to give us much snow. Forecasts vary on what we might get from all rain with no snow to maybe 3 inches of snow. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. The ice in front of our place is measuring 2-4 inches thick – not nearly enough for a sled yet. Bottom line is our frustrations continue with the lack of snow. Hopefully things will become more winterlike soon so we can get out riding.

The clubs have the trails ready for the upcoming season. It’s a lot of work and headaches to have and maintain the vast trail system we ride. One disgruntled land owner can close an entire section of trail so please stay on the trail and respect private property.

The two of us will be out riding again this year and reporting what the trails are actually like. We feel you can’t accurately report trail conditions unless you go out and ride the trails yourself. We tell it like it is whether conditions are good or bad. We take pictures to back up what we say and show you what we saw by trying to show the good, bad and the average. While we try to get out everyday there are some days we don’t ride. On the other hand, when conditions are changing fast there are days we’ll go out more than once and update the trail report as needed.

Now the disclaimer: Remember that trail conditions can vary quite a bit especially due to weather and traffic. Obviously a thaw can deteriorate trails quickly while a snowstorm can improve things just as fast. Also, the more traffic there is the quicker trails will get beat up. A trail that is smooth at 11am can be full of moguls by mid afternoon. That same trail can then be smooth again in the evening since the groomer was over it.

We look forward to another year of riding and doing our reports. We hope you find them honest and accurate.

Now bring on the snow and cold!

Tom & Sally

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