Idle Hours Resort has 11 cabins. Most include extra amenities (such as A/C, washer/dryer, dishwasher, deck) are more spacious and have two or three bathrooms. If you want to be close to the lake, consider our Water’s Edge cabin which is our only “original” cabin located only 25ft from the water. It has a nice cozy atmosphere and is our closest cabin to the lake. Each cabin has a grill, picnic table, completely furnished kitchen including stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster, and all dishes. Toilet paper, soap, and dish detergent are included. All bed linen is furnished. Personal towel sets are not included. You may bring your own towels or rent sets of towels from us at $2 per set.

Woodside Cabin Courtside Cabin Hillside Cabin Trailside Cabin Lakewood Cabin Waters Edge Lakeside Cabin Lakeview Cabin Lake Breeze Cabin Sunrise Cabin Sunset Cabin

2-Bedroom Cabins

3-Bedroom Cabins

4-Bedroom Cabins

5-Bedroom Cabin

For maximum comfort, we do not recommend more than 2 persons per bedroom.All our 11 cabins are non-smoking and no pets are allowed at the resort.Call 800/221-7699 Or Click Here To Make Your Reservation!


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